Monday, October 25, 2010

Camping at New Brighton July 2010

Beautiful views, fun at the beach, and lots of family was so nice to get away

Silly Faces!!

Yummy hot chocolate!!

Cream Cheese!!

The "WE" team!!

Do we have to go home?


Let Summer Begin 2010...

Swimming, Tennis, and Camping

Look what I can do?

Tyler had to double check to make sure he put his hand in the same place as Hayden... on his cheek! Buddies for life!!

Camping at Pinecrest... last minute reservation, we had so much fun spending the day at the Lake! Hayden made friends almost instantly with our neighbors, Tyler was a little unsure of sleeping in a tent, but survived, and Heath and I actually somehow survived with only two little $1.00 flashlights that we bought for the boys. The Lake was cold, but relaxing!

We really like pictures.. can you tell???