Monday, January 26, 2009

This is a super long post from December 2008 just enjoy the pictures!!

Hayden's first time bowling... and he got a spare, yeah!!!

Hayden and his bestest bud Eli

I had a birthday... and I got something other than The Dark Night, that was released on my birthday... Roses, I love roses!!

Cheese or Cheeks?

We got a chance to visit with Santa at the ward Christmas you can see no one was willing to sit on Santa's knee, but Hayden did whisper in Santa's ear what he wanted!

Let the holidays begin... first off to Modesto to spend a time with Heath's family...

And then off to my sisters we went for Utah. We got a chance to see Angela and Brandon, Emily, Lizzy, Mom and Pops, Ben, Andrew, and Paul... what an adventure all under one roof... hehehe, we had a blast!

Christmas morning...Merry Christmas boyz...

I love wheels...

YES...Santa remebered what I wanted!!!

"X" Marks the spot... Heath got his xbox... finally, at 6pm Christmas Day!

I'm in a box, X marks the spot, I'm in something cold... and green! Heath figured it out... and finally found his xbox in the truck out in the garage. He "moped" around all day wondering if he really only got a book for Christmas... to his surprise, I totally spoiled him. Needless to say... he was busy the rest of vacation.


Hayden has been praying that his Dad would take him to the snow... I think Dad did alright, what do you think?... Thanks to Utah!!

Look two Angels in the snow!!

Is it really cold outside? Maybe I'll just stay in and play...

Tubing Rules!
Tyler was learning all about the cold too... anything to stay warm... even if it is a pink!

Me and my favorite sista, Nanner... wahooo!!!

Lizzy, Uncle Andrew, Emily, and Hayden

Brandon and Angela

What a stylin hat Ben, where can I get one?

Mom and Pops know how to bundle up too!!

Mom, Pops, and Pauly too... they barely made it Christmas day at 6am.

Hayden with his cousins... silly faces and scooters!!

Us.. with Grandma and Grandpa Fairbanks before they had to leave to go back home to New Mexico.. good-byes are always hard, but we sure had fun being together for Christmas!!

Hayden, Emily, Tyler, and Lizzy... bestest cousins ever!!

The girls...Angela, Mom, and Me! We actually got to spend a little time together... without kids...a little shopping, and painting our toes!!

Thanks Angela and Brandon for letting as crash at your place for the holidays! We had so much fun, and can't wait to come visit again. Thanks everyone for making an effort to come, so we could see all of you. Love you all and miss you already.

Curt and Lisa couldn't make it this Christmas...We heard they had a very Merry Christmas without us.. We love you guys and hope you know you are loved
Let the New Year begin...good bye 2008... hello 2009!