Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fun!

A little fun at the ward Halloween Party...

Hayden with his bestest bud Eli!!

Scawwy Graveyard Ninja and Pumpkin...

I love that Hayden is always trying to figure out what day of the week it is... the best part is that he reminds us to have family night. "Mom, is tonight family night?" Yup it is Hayden... lets carve pumpkins!! (Dad even spared a few minutes to spend time with us and carve pumpkins in the middle of homework, thanks Dad!!)

Hayden's first time helping!!

Can you guess which spooky pumpkin belongs to Hayden?

Mom braved it alone with two boys...

CAMPING!! Heath really wanted to go, but had to meet with a teacher Friday night. So, a little encouragement from some good friends and off to the ward camp out we went. We had so much fun hanging out with friends by the fire. Hayden had a blast riding his bike with his buddies and playing on all the trails outdoors. Tyler enjoyed himself too, a few sticks and rocks and he was set! It was a little tough finding the bathroom in the dark, we took the long road that's for sure. I ventured off with my two boys and a flashlight, it was so dark we walked right past them and had to back track. Hayden was a little afraid of the dark, I felt pretty good flashlight in hand until I heard a weird noise in the bushes. We were just fine, found the bathrooms and enjoyed the beautiful stars on our way. Most memorable moments of the trip... Hayden waking up early Saturday morning and jumping out of the tent to go ride bikes with his friends. He just wanted to keep up with the 7 year olds so bad... and of course then what did I hear, screaming like "end of the world" screaming. It's a little tough to be in two places at once, luckily while I was trying to get Tyler dressed for the day... a friend carried Hayden back to our campsite to me. I just have to say Hayden was wearing his helmet, but man oh man what an oweee on his forehead. I felt so bad and all I could do was hold him, a bandaid wouldn't do the trick this time around. Big old bump and all scraped up... of course that just means family pictures will have to wait for another couple weeks.

Lovin the outdoors!!

Then after breakfast someone suggested a little hike to the old tire swing. I was thinking a hike sounds fun and a tire swing for the kids, great! Well, the tire swing was a blast for all. Hayden was a little scared at first, we just learned that we couldn't push the kids to high. The hillside was slanted so it was easy to get on the swing and then you swing way out over the slope, I was going to sit back and let everyone enjoy this moment. But, someone offered to hold Tyler for me and so me being me a little timid sometimes finally gave in. Wow, what a rush!! It was so worth it, I even got a little tickle in my stomach... so awesome. Hayden couldn't get enough either he was patient and took his turn about 5 times probably!! Tyler even got a chance to sit in the swing too! We sure missed having Dad with us, but we took a few pictures so we could share our fun moments!

Boys and sticks!


Can I go a little higher? Please??

We missed you Dad...