Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hayden growing up...

June 3,2010
Our little Hayden has officially graduated from Kindergarten. Every time I dropped him off for school he was so anxious to get out of the car but luckily he had time to squeeze in a hug and kiss for his Mommy and a big wave to his brother. Kindergarten Graduation was so special! Hayden was proud as ever to receive his certificate and had so much fun singing the songs. He sang a number of different songs in different languages English, Spanish, and Chinese. I still can't believe our "little" Hayden is so big. He sure has the kindest heart and is always thinking of others. He was the bestest friend to just about his whole class. Every day he would come home and tell me all the friends he played with. He somehow figures out how to include everyone. One of his favorite past times during recess was running. He got his class in shape by having them all line up and race just about every day. And of course being a "Grant" he came home from school all the time with love notes from a very special girl in his class. And I was told at one time or another that all the girls liked him. Most of all it's been so much fun seeing Hayden learn how to read. From sounding out to sight words he has really latched on to reading and now enjoys reading to us before bed instead of the other way around. Way to go Hayden kindergarten down first grade to come!!

Hayden and Mr. Stimson

Hayden's bestest buddy Thomas

We love you so much Hayden and are super proud of you!!
Bring on the Summer Freedom!!!