Sunday, September 28, 2008

What have we been up to lately?


Well, Heath started a new job. Thanks to his way good buddy Kevin, Heath went from working for Home Depot for 4.5 yrs to a VWR International employee working on site at CPI. He is considered an inventory coordinator. What does that mean exactly? Well, that means he has an inbetween job. He will finish school in December, and this job will get us by until he finds his "career" job. He needs to finish his senior project and then time will tell. Here is a link to Heath's blog, so you can see how his project his coming along...

Next, our car oh, our car... over heated or something... and decided to have lots and lots of problems. It is now in the shop and we are driving a convertible, PT Cruiser. Yes, the kids love it! (and secretly we are loving it too, not too thrilled about all the $$$ problems, but we are finding that a little sun can make you smile!)

We are surviving, somedays are easier than others, some days we just make it. I love my boys, Hayden is so sweet and can tell when I'm really frustrated. He is so good about just giving me a hug. And Tyler is learning to laugh at the weirdest things. He likes it when we change our voices to sound like animals. And he loves to sing... lalala

I think they love being brothers...

..thanks for kisses Hayden!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

the birthday boy

Happy 5th Birthday Hayden!!!

Yes, we now have a five year old. Hayden is such a joy to have in our family. Happy, compassionate, giving, and so ambitious. He wants to be able to do everything now... and of course on his own. Hayden has been counting down all week to his birthday... and when it arrived the hardest part was that his party wasn't until dinner time 6pm. That was a tough one. It was great though. We started off the evening with Pizza, then had a fun airplane tossing game, which led to cake, and then presents. Thanks to all who could come, and for helping set up our party! I would have to say it was a success. We had lots of friends and family that made it, and we missed those that couldn't be there! Here are a few favorite moments from his party!

Thanks again to all those who helped make this day so special for our Hayden!! Special thanks to Derk, Angi, Seth, and Mema who came from Mo-town!!

more fun moments to share!!

Hayden's new creature... he is so creative... gets that from Dad for sure!!

I finally got Tyler to smile for me... how did I do it? I had to bark for him woof woof woof... he thinks it's so funny when I change my voice and bark so that his little dog 'ralph' makes noise.

just hangin out... in sunny hot california on the porch...

This is Heath's new favorite shirt!! Thanks mom and pops... he loves it and gets tonz of compliments too!

Lookin' good dude!!


Our boys are finding they like to push buttons. Tyler has found a few recently that are just the right height for him to reach. On, off, on, off...some are noisy others are just fun!!

Hayden too, has found that he can get his way when he pushes our buttons, but mostly he enjoys pushing buttons that keep him entertained as well!

Hayden's First Talk

Hayden was asked to give a talk in Primary on baptism. Being 4 and the first time ever he was asked to get in front of so many kids, we weren't sure how he'd react. We practiced a few times the night before with a makeshift microphone, and of course is Dad by his side to tell him what to say. Sunday came, and Hayden did it! At first he was a little scared, and was covering his mouth with his hands, but he actually opened up and did his very best. Way to go Hayden, we are so proud of you!