Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Orange Month

We got to go to Del Osso Farms with some friends. I love that Hayden is Tyler's big brother, they have such a special bond. Hayden has actually said to me, "Mom I'm so glad I have a brother... if I didn't I don't know what I would do by myself."

This is Hayden's true smile.. it also happens to be his first time on a horse all by himself!!

Bring on the orange...

Look Mom, I can lift this pumpkin with one hand!!

Tyler with all the orange pumpkins and a few rocks in his hand too!!

Hayden and his buddy Conner Thayer

Tyler and Mom

This is the train we got to go on after waiting for 1 hr. and 20 minutes, yikes!

Almost our turn boys... we promise.

Heath chillin'

Family Nite...pumpkin carving time... look at the insides.

The boys and their pumpkins


Hayden at his school costume parade

Tyler was not just a turtle... he was "Spike" the turtle (from preschool).

On our way to trunk or treat.. my "tummy" costume was so last minute, but the boys insisted!

Hayden, Mema, and Tyler

Hayden wanted to bobb for apples.. so Heath showed him how to do it, I think he got just a little wet, what do you think?

Yummy apples.. Hayden decided to go for the stem.. a little less water in the eyeballs!

Tyler had fun pumpkin bowling.

Tyler and "farmer" Grandpa Grant

Witchy Witchy Screamy Screamy Happy Happy Halloweeny!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

September Excitement!!

Happy 7th Birthday Hayden!!

Dad was in charge off all the fun "soccer" games!!

We had an amazing "soccer" team for the day!

Hayden loved his cake... and yes, Dad helped this year a lot!
Hayden and Thomas

Super fun new toys!!
Heath and Hayden

Hayden is always so eager to figure out new things...
Thanks Dad for showing Hayden some new moves...

...now be careful Hayden!!
As Hayden put it, "soda and pancakes for breakfast, yes!!"

For Uncle Derk's B-day he had a giant slip and slide at the park... weeee

Tyler and Melanie... from the side lines... we'll have to try the slip and slide another time!

Cold weather always scares me...Tyler seems to have trouble the first day a cold hits. And if I wait 'til the evening its too late to see a dr... so off to the ER for a breathing treatment. Luckily he didn't have to stay overnite... and he got better with each day!

Tyler and Dad have taken up a new hobby too!!

Just like brother...

Sadly our "green" car went bye-bye.. Tyler still asks about it.

Tyler's first day of preschool!! It took a few times and a few tears to get use to "Mom" leaving, but now Tyler askes almost everyday... "Mom, I have preschool today?" It almost breaks my heart to say, "no, not day." He is finally getting use to the schedule, and for me it feels so weird to have "me" time.. for a few hours. But then, I love picking Tyler up because he has so much to tell me. That and he he says, "you came back!"

Tyler is a "hoot" super funny and super special to us! We love him to pieces!

Lucky number 7... it only took us seven tries to get us all in the pictures!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Happenings...

Hayden started 1st Grade in August 2010

Tyler had to find something to do while Hayden was at school all day, and what better to do than mow the lawn?

Thanks to our big helpers our vehicle finally got washed!!

Thanks boyz!!

We finally got pictures of Tyler taken in "the blue suit". This is the same suit Heath and now Hayden wore at age 2 for pictures.

Hayden started soccer, and his coach says he's a natural!

Hayden started practice on the hottest day of the summer... and we got really thirsty watching too!!

He is on the "Red Tail Hawkes" and having a blast this season!!